Atom Bombs.

My 2nd favourite piece of music this weekend. . .

I think its a special RSD release. . . but seeing as I have been a hermit this weekend, I can’t be 100% sure.

I imagine a digital will grace us this week.

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The West.


this is the blu that is very much present and at the forefront of the track

not the one that sometimes disappears into the background weed smoke

(although i love them both)

….. an album in May.

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line-up of the year.

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Sand Town.



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Live Rugged.

out to the couple in the flat below.

quit flirting.

quit listening to delta goodrem lounge remixes.

& live rugged.

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At the moment. . .

YouTube Preview Image

. . . I spend all day with people who like computers. And not in the Sillicon valley way.

so, I guess it’s no surprise that I am finding this song so stimulating at the moment.

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Finding Vivian Maier.

YouTube Preview Image

this definitely crept up on us.

click the label if you want to find out more

or here

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good news.

it doesn’t happen every day week month (year?)

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a classic.

YouTube Preview Image

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As with most things Ben UFO. . .

. . . I enjoyed this.

The Frett tune is a particular favourite.

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Pulp Fiction.

YouTube Preview Image

It was nice to hear this unannounced on Benji B this week.

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Turkish Tea.


more here

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January 1st – February 25th.

Having spent a number of years drowning in a sea of nahright loosies, flac library music that I have to play off vlc player and unnamed CD rips, I thought that this year might be a good opportunity to actually make an effort to be a little bit more organised.

Sidenote: this will bring me some kind of satisfaction, even if to you it just another list of hyperlinks and occasional jokes in brackets.

So, in January and the first 25 or so days of February I have been (mainly) listening to:

Isaiah Rashad – Civilia Demo - he’s good.

Real Estate – Days - the news that a new album was just around the corner pitched me deep back into dreams of golden fields, trailer parks and independently brewed beer. these guys were the type to have gap years and actually find themselves. Wikipedia has the genre down as jangle-pop. So if that’s your bag, this is for you.

Carlos Garnett – The New love – I was sufficiently charmed by the intro to ‘Uncle Ben & Aunt Jemima‘ that I felt I owed it to myself to investigate the full body of work.

Jon Phonics – Rugers - I always get Jon Phonics confused with the Jon Wayne character who makes music for Stones Throw. I can’t for the life of me remember how I stumbled upon this so assume it was the product of a late night bandcamp fumble. It’s £4.49 and is probably the first BEATS/Instrumental Hip Hop/term du jour that i’ve been able to listen to in a minute without cutting it half way. I think I overindulged in 2010.

DJ Haus – Thug Hauz Anthems Vol. 2 - considering I rarely go to any parties that get as lively as this, I am a complete sucker for this type of music. whatever it is.

Jamie 326 – Coming On Strong - don’t know how I ever managed a commute without this song. best used when you need to get somewhere quickly on foot.

The Chills – Pink Frost - pretty morbid, but something I couldn’t stop listening to. particularly in that fortnight where it was eternally dark.

Vaib R – Winds - from my new favourite label nous disques. the new label, or one of the new labels, where everyone buys doubles and tries to create a pricing bubble on discogs. This is an alias of Moon B – who to my simple mind makes the music Dam Funk would be making if he hadn’t got distracted by the Snoop Lion gig. Everyone is on their own path though – I am not hating.

Angel Olsen – Burn Your Fire For No Witness - i remember a period of my life where I tried to keep up with the output from Jagjaguwar and failed. And that was when i didn’t have any employment to worry about. So it was pretty lucky that I stumbled upon this lady. I know very little about her but I like the way she can do grunge and the i-am-going-to-get-shit-loads-of-plays-on-6music, on the same LP.

Sly 5th Avenue – Akuma – this is great. and meant I can ease off of the last Kendrick Scott album as my go to piece of Jazz music of recent recent times. another bandcamp fumble.

Sampha – Too Much/ Happens - as well as continuing to lean on the ‘without/ indecision’ EP, I also purchased this as a 7 inch. The only issue with this is that every time I listen to ‘Too Much’ one half of my brain can’t let go of the fact that there is a Drake shaped hole. The rest of my brain, and being, is happy there is such a hole.

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YouTube Preview Image

good lord.

good good lord.

cue me starting work on an anglo-algerian azonto this weekend.

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Songs with brackets in the title.

YouTube Preview Image

Has been a worm in my mind since I first heard it.

I am wagering that I saw this first on the excellent Trilogy Tapes blog.

I must also say thank you to the body that sits behind Trilogy Tapes for provision of the recent Theo Parrish 12″.

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