basic error.

it all started with a direct message.

i told her (sula bay*) that i liked her music and then she told me that she would have more in january/ february.

we then both played it cool and didn’t talk for a while.

but then today, this came in. the exchange was short and sweet. and undetected by those around me.

and now, i pass it on to all of you who still have the joie de vivre to listen to music that hasn’t been championed by the tastemakers and the influencers.

saying that – everyone’s got a little bit of an ego – so just listen knowing that this is a world premiere/ exclusive etc etc

*may or may not be her real name.

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another thing I didn’t manage to catch in 2013

will be rectifying that by the weekend.

from a label that is quieter than it should be, but in a nice way

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future sounds made in the past.

Seven Davis Jr. on Izwid

a record I had to own

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it’s a Lukid album.

a new Lukid album to stream.

it is great too. even if I hadn’t listened to it. I’d say it was great. because it’s got a track called Riquelme and a witty album title.

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the blankout agreement.

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Funkineven – Chips/ Sweets by BOILER ROOM

Funkineven messing with your head differently.

After the filth of the first APRON release too.

wow. blown apart.

if you want me at your night, promise me this. . .

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stumbled on to this.

doesn’t punch as much as that morgan zarate track with the ‘make it fast’ sample. . but there is an energy that certainly isn’t easy to replicate.

the one thats only in africa.

riding music for the next week.

oh yeah, the african nations back round again too.

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kutmah played this when he was casually blowing my mind the other night*

made in Cardiff too. I think. which is rare. which always helps to woo me. bandcamp says its due out on fat city.

squeaks and bleeps will live long in to 2012 if they have this much life to them

* on ntslive.

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My kind of strange.

YouTube Preview Image

Dimlite’s new album ‘Grimm Reality’ was recently released. I spent the best part of a Sunday afternoon absorbing it, while sitting on buses bemused by the remnants of autumn.

The album is a haunting wonder. Listen ^.

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In Her Light by Cazeaux O.S.L.O.

Javeon McCarthy – Love Without a Heart (Brey’s Oh’s & Trix) by Brey

Monsters – Monsters (feat. Drug) by Milyoo

3 non-conformists doing it their way.

unwittingly flipping a collective middle finger at the men in the theory books.

whatever that means.

too late to be articulate.

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dimlite album!

this is a real exclamation mark style announcement.

i’ve had to let the news settle for 5 days before reblogging,

but it’s definitely true, and it’s on it’s way -

musical adhd. from Switzerland.

here’s the moment the news broke.

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YouTube Preview Image

never, ever, ever left the ipod.

in fact even when I used to use this as a fresh faced 16 year old, this track was there.

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fact. one night at plastic people, the above started telling me how to make jerk seasoning.

small world.

today, the One Handed Music mailing list not only let me make the name-to-face connection (his name is Tightface) but also blessed me with his latest beattape. set to some NY grit.

truly, truly excellent.

+ perfect medicine to my ‘hiphop is this, hiphop is that’ rants of the last few weeks.

i’m pretty tedious.

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YouTube Preview Image

youtube needs a repeat function.

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just put the new georgia record on -

tracks 1 + 2 didn’t do so much on 1st listen

but 3? Wow.

my glass ceiling.

i’ll deal with the rest of the album once i’ve come to terms with this.

this track is free too. just click the player after you’ve been burnt

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