Songs with brackets in the title.

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Has been a worm in my mind since I first heard it.

I am wagering that I saw this first on the excellent Trilogy Tapes blog.

I must also say thank you to the body that sits behind Trilogy Tapes for provision of the recent Theo Parrish 12″.

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festive rave music.

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saying that, the closest i’ve got to a rave recently was listening to my brother play techno. on a Nissan Qashqai stereo. on the way to Tescos. with my Mum. in the suburbs.

this came out about a year ago. on a label that is called Pleasure Unit.

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track of 2013 so far.

probably a large proportion of 2012 too. . .

wait for the slow down

the album is out and a truly original piece of work

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sloe eyes.

Samoyed is great.

mainly because he has Lukid esque levels of sarcasm.

but also because I haven’t been able to stop playing this.

the above ^ is out february 18th on a label called vase.

which my brain tells me is the ‘imprint’ of Jacques Greene.

who probably isn’t french.

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beautiful album out this week/last week on Black Acre.

hopefully he is, as his soundcloud suggests, from Shaftesbury.

the national rail jingle, on my favourite track, empty platform adds evidence to this claim.



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Sun Goddess.

Mr. Beatnick.

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nowhere near a dance.

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unless we include barn dances in that.

. . . going back to civilization tomorrow. where I can listen to things like this in the open and not feel like I’m a complete Martian.

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obligatory floatingpoints release post.

Shadows by floatingpoints

I’ve given up trying to think of metaphors to describe this man’s music.

I’m ready to enjoy it.

forthcoming on Eglo. of course.

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forthcoming Eglo 7″.

EGL019: Danger by floatingpoints

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back attack.

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trim doing cheeky boy rap over some original mark pritchard.

‘air force 2′s and an apron’

on a silly, silly, silly 12″ coming soon on planet mu

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watching the rain.

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if you want a piece of music to daydream to.

will sound even better when there are real life crackles too.

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excellent performance from sbtrkt, sampha and the full band.

overly happy for them – a lot of hard work has gone into this journey.

watch the performance at Abbey Road on something called SeeSaw.

& of course, hold tight Tom Ravenscroft on presenting duty.

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ye ye.

Daphni – Ye Ye by Caribouband

a new alias, and without being that deep into caribou’s music – a new sound.

and without any guessing games as to who it is.


vinyl only, with some four tet on the flip.

power coming out the speaker at you.

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by Boxcutter.

Who should really get a lot more praise.

. . . maybe he needs to start making some juke. .

excellent work by hotflush for securing this though.

for a forthcoming compilation.

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Nike top, bottoms

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Trim & Becoming Real, 2 tracks and a 12″.

soon available to buy.

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