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^DIY. No press shots. To bring it to life.

Content wise this is pretty bleak.

As the title would suggest.

But I was pretty sure I would like it just from reading a review. One of those.

And so I’m ploughing on even though I know it is only going to get more harrowing as it goes on (only 1/2 way through currently).

A memoir. detailed to almost OCD level. very intense. and only for those who are happy to make the trade-off between depth and pace. . .

. . . the way I describe it – is if you like the part of the film before the adventure takes off (aka the real life bit) – then this is for you. If you prefer the adventure – then is as Nordic as you need to get.

It’s one of 5 or 6 books I think – that are slowly (or quickly, as the buzz grows) being translated into English.

Karl has also become a bit of a high brow media darling too so expect to see him on the pages of your sunday broadsheet supplements sometime soon.

I’ll pop back once i have finished.

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The Feast of The Goat.


So, i have successfully completed another book.

the amount i have consumed this year is still likely to be pitiful compared to some. to most. but as i am still at a level of maturity which means i battle constantly to not move in a twitter –> instagram –> google reader cycle, i think every real, physical book completed should be looked at as a victory.

the book i completed was by Mario Vargas Llosa, and translated from Spanish to English by Edith Grossman. a star in translation circles so i found out today.

Without straying into review territory – it is the tale of the downfall of dictator Rafael Trujillo, and the Trujillo Era in the Dominican Republic. 1930′s to 1960′s.

i haven’t yet worked out where the true story ends and the fiction starts yet, but there were definitely numerous occasions where one might’ve – should I wish to lunge for some typical GCSE English review terminology – felt they were in the actual room. it was that type of book.

in short, because i finished it, and have been moved enough to write some nonsense here, it means i recommend it.

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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

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Economics for Humans.

i borrowed my girlfriends kindle to read this. a weird experience. particularly with its pink leather case.

but it was worth it. i’m always sceptical about books that are too close to the Harvard Business Review side of life (probably a side effect of having the jargon rammed down my throat at work) but this was a pleasant read.

I mean the language was still a little bit OTT to my simple mind but if you drop all the grandeur the idea at the heart of the (short) book is actually something really quite powerful: that business should be measured on more than its ability to maximize shareholder value.

borrow your girlfriends kindle

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“the library is a good place when you’re unemployed”

just finished.

laugh-out-loud funny but also have to be careful on the tube that you don’t get over the shoulder readers thinking you are a smut lover.


Today I am going to purchase a small notebook and fill it with John Self (“consumer extraordinaire” and chief protagonist) quotes.

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Bossa Nova & The Rise of Brazilian Music in the 1960′s.

I sincerely hope that this is as good as it can be -

whether it’s coffee table, or a slightly more substantial read there’s a strong chance it can find a home with me

all I need is clean design, a little knowledge and a lot of lp sleeves.

If it sounds exciting  – launch nights at the start of December. . .

Details soon to this space.

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