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Down in the Treme.

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this was meant to kickstart some appreciation for the new HBO drama (?) Treme – however time constraints make it so that your going to have to instead make do with some John Boutté – who’s tremesong will now forever be known as the Treme Intro -

Treme’s certainly a slow burner but once you hit that point, they’ve got you for the long haul. Some fascinating press (mainly US) surrounding it too – which I hope to touch upon post academia.

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Have been meaning to mention Wholesome for a while now -

the launch of the online store thus provides me with the perfect opportunity to convert intentions to actions.

for your skating needs, you’ll be hard pushed to find a store as friendly and welcoming

And if you do, it’s probably that friendly-for-your-cash-type-of-friendly (Istanbul Grand Bazaar type of friendly. . ) .

The balance is right – you don’t get rushed,  you don’t get leered at.

my first few trips to the store have reminded me of the service I should be expecting on all niche retail visits. I do not want to be greeted with levels of pretentiousness. Or be frowned at because my turn up’s aren’t crisp enough. Isn’t what it’s about.

The shopfloor is also particularly handsome.

basically – - >W H O L E S O M E L O N D O N .

It’s about more than the products. .

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I nearly always stand hand on heart with Soul Jazz and their re-issues.

Lloyd Mcneill – Asha

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She’s on my BBM.

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Just the other day I was wondering when Trim would make a freestyle out of acronyms -

them man are EDF.

actually made me l-o-l.

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Sebastien Preschoux X Starcow

Sebastien Preschoux


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for lovers.

my record of the summertime.

deep and true

minimal fuss, minimal promotion

2am business. 2pm business.

theo parrish & billy love


a level of soul and smoothness that we can only dream of -

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Write the Future

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Nike do it best.

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you are my high.

I’ve got to get back to talking about new producers again.

lady 8bitch.

soundcloud with a bag of heat

particularly this – (but also this)

forthcoming on soon-to-be-favourite Svetlana Industries

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Real Love EP

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even the sampler sounds like it’s meant to be.

only the cold hearted won’t feel this.


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can’t sit still

Love Rhythm (All I Really Want) by Sentinels

some still make them like they used to

big up Pariah for putting me onto this.

Sentinels Space

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Un homme qui crie

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spent some of the afternoon digging on the Canne ‘In Competition’ shortlist -

this (so far) looks to be the most interesting (to my taste at least), Mahamat-Saleh Haroun’s uniquely spun tale of present day Chad.

trailers for the french speakers. but plot summary for the Anglo’s -

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Who dat? Who dat?

i understand people not feeling any of Drake’s music,

but why aren’t they recognizing J.Cole’s

How come?

Has he been boxed in before he’s even started?

“Roc Nation deal? Eughhh commercial”


MP3: J. Cole – Who Dat?

from my slightly ill informed perspective – this should bang regardless of which hiphop era you were birthed in. take it for what it is.

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Wilson Brothers @ Nike 1948

new installation by the Wilson Brothers for Nike Stadiums over at Nike 1948 (London) -

as with everything that Nike have staged there to date – this looks brilliant.

Wilson Brothers have more pictures over at their blog

as do Nikebeast.


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when I hear a beat like this it reminds me how far funky still has to travel.

Out now on Man RecordingsBert On Beats & Anbuley

hopefully this will be slept on until I make my debut behind the wheels. All depends on the 50 of you who read this, and how many friends you all have. Ssssssssssh.

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emotional void.

most of the time R&B is about working with Tricky Stewart and Terius Youngdell Nash.

in my mind anyway. and evidently – Ciara’s. Maybe thats enough to constitute us being friends.

MP3: Ciara – I Run It

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