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Milkyway 1311.

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downloaded this LP off the back of the above song.

you may like it and want to do the same, you may not.

LP is still a work in progress but to be honest I hadn’t used the UKHIPHOP category label for a while and was getting kind of restless. . . . .

I’m lying.

It warranted a post on its own merits.

his name is Onoe Caponoe. And I don’t know if that is a play on words or a play on weed.

keeps me gritty while I spend my days with suits.

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necessary youtube rips.

YouTube Preview Image

YouTube Preview Image

i don’t condone the action, but I sure have needed these the last few weeks.

should both be out in the new year.

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I was the coolest when I was 15.

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spent some time listening to the new Drake album recently.

& on the whole, I like it.

out-focused everyone else.

& even if you can’t be seen to/don’t dig every track, you’d at least have to admit it’s consistent.

it reminds me of when i was young, carefree and with too much time on my hands.

when listening to hip-hop  meant you took on these real, deep and meaningful troubles.

usually brought to you via a chipmunk soul chorus.

like when the college drop out got right under my skin on the year 9 german trip.

not saying that I care whether Drake cries about x or y. but at the end of a day sitting boring my brains out on Microsoft Excel, its kind of nice to know that (at least in theory) it isn’t all nice at the top.

N.B. to follow me, you probably have to have had the same life journey.

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You Are My Starship.

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For the grown ups.

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Cool Warm Divine EP.

slap your best friend music.

from The Abstract Eye a.k.a. Gifted & Blessed.

can’t believe it’s taken me near on 10 months to put a name to a sound.

deepest sounds you’ll hear this side of Christmas.

$3.50 too.

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Natalie Portman by Zeroh.

p e r s o n a l i t y.

“. . . because Leon came out in September…”

I sure hope this guy doesn’t float away into weed and nothingness.

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My kind of strange.

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Dimlite’s new album ‘Grimm Reality’ was recently released. I spent the best part of a Sunday afternoon absorbing it, while sitting on buses bemused by the remnants of autumn.

The album is a haunting wonder. Listen ^.

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THE spot for Cake + Tea.

I can only ever reach Relay on Sundays.

but it never ceases to amaze me.

right up there behind my grandmas and my mother.

can’t ask for any more . . . .

go visit if your in London.

but just not on Sundays –  I like my space. 

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If it weren’t for things like this, my Sunday nights might as well be Monday mornings.

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obligatory floatingpoints release post.

Shadows by floatingpoints

I’ve given up trying to think of metaphors to describe this man’s music.

I’m ready to enjoy it.

forthcoming on Eglo. of course.

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This is nice radio.

mt. kimbie + floatingpoints on the 6music 6mix.

influences + new bits.

(need to get rid of my new ‘+’ fetish)

3 days to go.

get ready. get set. go.

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ah, bass ah, bass.

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a beat like this easily carries a whole lot of nonsense.

a screw-face commute tomorrow. shutting baby boomer’s hands in the doors.

need to work out whether the rest of the project is garbage or genius.

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ominira 333


i’m coming out of the 6 day no post shadows with this.

3 amazing tracks. 3 different techno swings.

courtesy of the ear of Kassem Mosse.

courtesy of the hands of Kowton, Kareem Moser (I wonder. . . ) and Juniper.


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