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cop dat.

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put me on it LIVE.

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things I forgot to talk about in 2010 #5: makin’ sound.

silly of me not to mention this at any point

considering how many plays I got out of it

an absolute blessing

play it anywhere, play it anytime and you’ll always find pleasure in it

maybe not in the same spot . . . but it will be there

convinced 2011 will be special for him

so go do the homework now . . .

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See & Understanding.

Eric Lau and friends* (backed by Kilawatt Music) have come together for Save the Children to create a 3 track EP to support the charities projects worldwide.

incredibly beautiful work,

- as you would probably imagine to be the case when you look at the group of friends. Makes me think I’m not offering a lot to my circle -

MP3′s will soon be across the usual suspects although Amazon Mp3 appear to have jumped the gun already -


and although I encourage you to support (nearly) all of the things I choose to post up here, I guess the importance of this one should be underlined for the obvious reasons. (without preaching)

<a href="">See by Kilawatt Music</a>

*Fatima, Szjerdene, Rahel, Sarina Leah, Ben Jones, Akwasi Mensah, Finn Peters, Pauli Stan Mckenzie, floatingpoints . .

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LONDON: 2ndhand Sureshots + Suite for Ma Dukes.

seriously recommend you do something on impulse for a change and try and snipe one of the last few tickets to this.

Eric Lau + Alex Chase to make a silly deal a stupid deal.

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kilawatt V2: Eric Lau

I used to hound Eric Lau about what he was working on and when could we listen to it.

The gist of his answer (always) was that he was still mastering his craft and that doing so would take some time. I was confused – I thought the debut album was pretty alright.

But now hearing this, I understand. Patience is a virtue. And alll that.

The beats sound a whole lot warmer + the track with Oddisee is going to be timeless.

much respect to Kilawatt Music, I understand there is a lot more to come.

I used to spend £3.16 in the school vending machine. BUY.

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